Mskinny Mint Latte
Mskinny Mint Latte
Mskinny Mint Latte
Ms kinny Mint Latte

Mskinny Mint Latte

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Mskinny Mint Latte (15 sachets per box)
  • 100% plant-based natural ingredients
  • Formulated in the USA and made in Singapore
  • 57mg of caffeine
  • Lactose-free
  • 76 calories

Benefits of Mskinny Mint Latte:

  • Suppresses hunger
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Weight loss 

Suitable for:

  • Both genders, except pregnant women and people with heart palpitations

Recommended consumption:

  • 1-2 sachets daily 
  • We recommend drinking it every morning on an empty stomach for better absorption. Otherwise, for people with gastric issues, please take it with your breakfast.
  • It is best to drink Mskinny Slimming coffee & Mskinny Dark Cocoa daily for at least 1-2 months for the best results.
  • Can be taken together with Mskinny Dark Cocoa

Mskinny Mint Latte main ingredients:

  • Our ingredients are all natural and will not have long-term side effects.
  • Cocoa, white kidney beans, chitosan
  • L-carnitine: a vitamin-like supplement formed in the liver & kidneys that helps to burn fats, improves your mood & memory, increases metabolism and plays an essential role in transporting fats to the mitochondria where they are converted to energy
  • L-Glutamine: an amino acid-building block of protein that reduces food cravings, promotes weight loss while maintaining your muscle mass. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Cheryl L.
Best tasting coffee ever!

Love the coffeee taste! My addiction ever morning

Shi G.

Light minty taste, feels refreshing

My Favourite Latte Flavour

Love the Mintiness! Goes superbly well with the Mint Cocoa. Hands down one of two of my favourite flavours. :)

Nabilah M.
Best mint latte ever!

Always on repeat purchase! It is my fav!

Tastes great

I paired this with the original cocoa and loved it. I've always been a fan of mint and this doesn't taste too artificial.
The combination during breakfast kept me full, and it's a plus point for days when I'm super busy.

Fiona Z.
Great tasting

Taste great and minty. I like that is light and not heavy

Smells nice

.. .and taste great too. A wake me up drink in the morning :) Will be getting the mint cocoa too to mix for the "Starbucks peppermint mocha" feel ...

Kimberly L.
Mint Latte

Love the refreshing taste of the mint latte, and my tummy feels less bloated!

Yvonne C.
This combo taste like Starbucks peppermint mocha

Love it that I get to enjoy something similar to my Starbucks peppermint mocha daily which is only available during Xmas! :heart_eyes:

Evelyn P.
Tastes good and it works!!

I start my day with this combination and it really keeps me full and satisfied till late afternoon. I eat lesser now with Mskinny and I lost about 1-2kg since I started. I initially bought 1 box of Mint Cocoa and Mint Latte to try first (in case I don’t like the taste or if it doesn’t work for me) but I ended up repurchasing it before I ran out of it because I really like the taste. I’m a big fan of Mint Chocolate and the taste of this is legit awesome. It’s quite pricey but it works for me so I think it’s worth it. I even recommended it to friends who find it hard to slim down.

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