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Mskinny Fat Flusher Jelly FAQs - Try this effective slimming jelly

Mskinny Fat Flusher Jelly - Great alternative for those who do not take caffeine

Mskinny Fat Flusher Diet Jelly is formulated and made in Singapore and manufactured in small batches to ensure freshness.

The diet jelly helps to curb appetite, blocks carbs and sugars by reducing 300++ kcal intake with just 1 sachet.

It also helps to regulate our levels of leptin - a hormone that sends signal to our brain that we are full and have excess fat storage - hence keeping us fuller for a longer period.

Recommended dosage: 1-2 sachets per day.
Take 30-60mins before meal.
Can be enjoyed chilled.

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FAQs for Mskinny Fat Flusher Jelly

1.How many sachets of Mskinny Fat Flusher Jelly can I take per day?
You can take 2 sachets of our slimming jelly daily. This diet jelly is best taken before lunch and before dinner.

2. Do I consume the slimming jelly directly or do I have to mix it with water?
You can consume the slimming jelly directly. It tastes very good on its own, like a pre-meal dessert!

3. Will it cause diarrhea since it flushes out toxins?
No, our diet jelly will not give you the runs nor will it cause cramps. It is a plant-based product that is safe for our bodies.

4. Is this safe for nursing moms?
It is fine, you can consume our Fat Flusher Jelly while nursing your baby (unless you/your baby has a condition and your doctor says otherwise), but keep it to 1 sachet daily.

5.Is there an interval between eating the slimming jelly and mealtimes?
It is best to consume the slimming jelly 30-60mins before meals for the best effect. Otherwise, in the event if you forgot to, no worries, you can still take our Mskinny Fat Flusher diet jelly right before your meals!

6. Does Mskinny Fat Flusher Jelly contain any caffeine?
No, so for those who are allergic to caffeine, you can take this diet jelly instead!

7. What is the best way to consume Mskinny Fat Flusher Jelly together with coffee & cocoa for the best results?

For the best results, we suggest taking one sachet of coffee + one sachet of cocoa in the morning before/ with your breakfast, followed by one sachet of jelly before lunch and/or dinner.

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