Ms Kinny Lactation Oats FAQ

Ms Kinny Lactation Oats - Lactation drink to boost breast milk supply for nursing moms.

Ms Kinny Lactation Oats is a healthy lactation drink formulated and made in Singapore which is effective in increasing breast milk supply for nursing moms.

It encourages the production of richer, thicker, and creamier milk for breast feeding moms. The colour of your hind milk will be a shade of creamy white. Hind milk satisfies your baby's hunger and makes your baby feel fuller for a longer period of time, hence sleeps better too.

Drinking Ms Kinny Lactation Oats is a good way to increase your breast milk supply naturally without any side effects.

Recommended dosage: 1-2 sachets per day.
Mix well with 100-150ml of hot water and enjoy at any time of the day.

FAQs for Ms Kinny Lactation Oats

1. How many sachets of Ms Kinny Lactation Oats should I drink per day?

Ms Kinny Lactation Oats is a lactation supplement for milk supply. You can drink as many as you want, but we recommend 2 sachets of Ms Kinny Lactation Oats per day to begin. After 2 weeks or so, your breast milk supply should be steady, then you can reduce to 1 sachet per day to sustain your milk supply.

2. How much water should I mix Ms Kinny Lactation Drink with?
There is no hard and fast rule, but we recommend 100-150ml so that the lactation drink isn't too diluted.

3. Can I mix it with ice to consume it as a cold beverage?
You can but the taste won't be ideal. Plus, we always recommend warm drinks for nursing moms before breastfeeding. Anything cold in the body will discourage milk supply.

4. After drinking Ms Kinny Lactation supplement, must I wait a while before I breastfeed?
There is no need to. You can latch on/ pump immediately but the results may not show until your next feed.

5. Are there any side effects if I stop drinking Ms Kinny Lactation Drink?
We cannot promise a stable milk supply if you stop drinking Ms Kinny Lactation Drink. It is recommended to drink daily for as long as you nurse.

6. Is it guaranteed that Ms Kinny Lactation Oats will help to boost my breast milk supply?
As with all products in the market, one size doesn't fit all. We cannot promise a 100% hit rate that Ms Kinny Lactation Oats will definitely increase your breast milk supply. Also, other factors play a part in ensuring a good supply of breast milk and some tips for breastfeeding moms include having adequate rest, not feeling stressed, a regular feeding schedule etc.