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Mskinny Slimming Coffee & Cocoa Reviews

Mskinny Slimming Coffee and Dark Cocoa Reviews

Real and authentic testimonials and reviews from Mskinny Slimming Coffee and Dark Cocoa customers!

Our slimming coffee has proven to be effective for weight loss and slimming without side effects.

Great tasting Mskinny Slimming Coffee and Dark Cocoa that will not cause diarrhea and cramps.

Mskinny is the #1 slimming coffee in Singapore.

mskinny reviews

mskinny reviews

mskinny reviews

mskinny reviews

mskinny reviews

mskinny reviews


Mskinny coffee review #1

Hey Melody! Would like to get another 4 boxes of Mskinny Coffee! Here is my review for Mskinny Slimming Coffee—I didn’t keep track of my weight after the first 3 days, but I lost 1.5kg in the first 3 days. Thereafter, I did quite a bit of exercise so my weight didn’t really dropped might have gained some muscle mass! But I definitely felt my tummy flatter than before!


Mskinny coffee review #2

Hi Melody! I take the Mskinny slimming coffee and cocoa tog, morning n evening like you suggested, and cocoa twice in between. I don't have photos of my weight.. but i don't feel as hungry in between my meals. Usually I'm hungry after I breastfeed and will snack on fruits or biscuits. But I haven't been for the past few days! Hasn't affected my breast milk supply nor does it seem to have any effect on my baby when she feeds. Will update on the drop in clothes size soon.


Mskinny coffee review #3

Good morning Melody! I’ve been drinking the slimming coffee with dark cocoa for 3 days. Really enjoy the coffee every morning. Helps to curb my appetite till I feel hungry in the late afternoon. Weighing myself in the day before drinking the coffee and at night before I sleep. 1st Jan: 48 kg 2nd Jan: 48 kg 3rd Jan: 47 kg My tummy looks flatter from the side view, definitions was starting to show and my arms looks tad more tone, that’s really good! I wanna stock up hehe! May I order another 6 boxes of slimming coffee (original flavour) from you?


Mskinny coffee review #4

Hahha yes! I was eating a lot last month during my travels.

The slimming coffee smells good btw, isn’t give me diarrhoea too. I usually get bad stomach aches if I drink coffee in the morning. Hahah



Mskinny coffee review #5

Hello Melody!! I’ve just tried the Candy Strawberry Latte and I absolutely love it!! It has this very light fruity smell and it taste great. It doesn’t smell like those artificial flavouring as well!! And it feels so Christmas-ish!! Can’t wait to try out the Hazelnut Toffee flavour tomorrow and I’ll get back to you on it. I’ll purchase another bundle nearer to Christmas as a Christmas gift for myself. 🤣 It will definitely be the best Christmas gift for me. Thank you so much for bringing this product in. Really helps me to curb my diet and lose weight healthily and effortlessly. I always look forward every morning to the coffee!! 💕

Mskinny coffee review #6

Hi Melody. This is my review for Mskinny Slimming Coffee You can lose weight effectively and naturally without any side effects by drinking our mskinny coffee and cocoa.

Mskinny coffee review #7

Hi Melody! I would like to order 2 boxes of mskinny slimming coffee. Would like to share with you this—I have been drinking the coffee since May 2019 and together with light dinner, I have lost around 4kg. Even though it is not a lot, my tummy is flatter. When I stopped drinking mskinny slimming coffee for a month, there is no side effect and no weight bound. Thank you for introducing this!


Mskinny coffee review #8

Hi Melody! I'm back for more mskinny coffee. I have lost 1kg within 2 weeks trying out the combo of mskinny coffee and cocoa. Super pleased with the results! It totally curb my appetite plus the taste of the slimming coffee is like the coffee bean mocha! I would love to get 2 more coffee + 4 cocoa combo.

Mskinny coffee review #9

Sharing my Mskinny slimming coffee review with you—it is damn good uh! As long as I don't eat supper, sure will lose weight by drinking the coffee and cocoa.

Mskinny coffee review #10

Hi Melody, i had a hard time losing weight after my second pregnancy. But I lost 2kg with mskinny slimming coffee😍. I did previously try other slimming products but it didn’t work for me.

Mskinny coffee review #11

Hi, this is my first week result after drinking mskinny slimming coffee. I drank my first cup of slimming coffee on Monday, with clean eating and also workout. I feel that mskinny slimming coffee have increase my metabolism. I struggled from weightloss after giving birth to 2 children.

Hello melody! I've received the slimming coffee and tried for almost a week now!! I've dropped almost a KG plus😆 pretty good so far!! Hopefully it's going to get down more. Hehe. The taste is pretty good actually compared to normal 3-in-1 coffee.

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