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Mskinny Apple Fat Flusher Diet Jelly + Original Bundle


Let Mskinny be part of your everyday life. 

Start your day with one sachet of Slimming Coffee and one sachet of Dark Cocoa. You can try mixing both sachets in one cup, add 250-350ml of hot water (or any amount, depending on your preference) to dissolve the powder and enjoy the mocha before breakfast.

Achieving your body goals is possible with the right mindset and nutrition knowledge. The best way to improve your body is to balance your food intake with a slimming coffee and diet jelly. So, remember this guide below for your reference.

Before lunch, consume one sachet of Green Apple African Mango Fat Flusher Jelly—a yummy beauty slimming diet jelly and an effective way to suppress hunger and flush out deposited fats. You can also take another sachet of Dark Cocoa to block the absorption of carbs and sugar. Do not worry because taking both diet Jelly and Dark Cocoa together before a meal is completely safe for your health.

Before dinner, treat yourself to another sachet of our Miskinny Slimming Jelly for an extra boost. And remember, we offer various flavours for our diet jelly range, so don't forget to explore!

Let all three products work their magic, and say hello to a new you soon!

The ultimate combo for your weight loss journey, this bundle includes:

  • 2 boxes of Green Apple African Mango Fat Flusher Jelly (15 sachets)
  • 2 boxes of Original Slimming Coffee (15 sachets)
  • 2 boxes of Dark Cocoa (15 sachets)


Mskinny Slimming Coffee (76 calories)
Virgin Coconut Oil Creamer, Instant Coffee, Microground Coffee, Freeze Dry Coffee, Stabilizer (340ii), Emulsifier (E481i), Soy Bean Powder, Green Coffee Powder, Guarana, Inulin, L Carnitine, L Glutamine, Anti Caking Agent.

Mskinny Slimming Cocoa (32 calories)
Virgin Coconut Oil Creamer, Natural Cocoa Powder, Stabilizer (340ii), Emulsifier (E481i), Soy Bean powder, White Kidney Bean Powder, Chitosan, Inulin, Amino Acid Powder, Anti Caking Agent, Stevia.

Mskinny African Mango Fat Flusher Jelly (20 calories)
Water, Apple Juice, Lemon Juice, Xylitol, Patented Fibersol-2®️, Xanthan Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Marine Algae Powder, Irvinga African Mango Seed Extract, Citric Acid, Apple, Patented Garcinia cambogia L. Extract, White Kidney Bean Extract.

All sales are final and strictly non-refundable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Jennelle Leow
Repeat Purchase

Curb my cravings and hunger.

Great bundle

It’s my first time trying the cocoa and it does help to curb the cravings;)

Dark Cocoa & Green Apple African Mango Fat Flusher Jelly

Love the choco taste and yummy jelly trays so easy to consume!

Great taste and good for digestion

Love the bundle and it's great for digestion especially for heavy meals.

Kim Seah
Yummy jelly and great tasting coffee!

Love the taste of fat flusher jelly! The coffee taste great as well.

Christine Lee
Love it!

I don’t know if it works but hey, the jellies taste great! Love the coffee and dark cocoa together. Been having it daily for my breakfast

Sh C
Great taste

Have been contemplating to buy but price is at the high side. Decided to take a plunge during the promo period. Will continue to try for two months to see if it works. Will try different flavours the next time. Hope will have promo for the americano

Jun Ong
Apple Fat Flusher + Original bundle!

Finally tried the fat flusher jelly after contemplating for so long. It tastes really yummy and helps with my bowel movements. Now hoping that it will help with stubborn tummy!

Caren Goy
First time trying

I've been thinking of ways to slim down my tummy and decided to try this out.
I do feel myself not feeling so hungry after my morning cup of coffee+dark cocoa.
The fat flusher is really so yummy i wish i can take more in a day.

Best thing about this is it doesn't give me the runs so I don't need to worry about having to rush to the toilet in the midst of work.


My 2nd purchase and first time leaving review as i wanted to see if it is effective. Will safely say it is effective in curbing appetite and feeling fuller! Coffee and cocoa combination taste so good i look forward to having them every morning. Jelly taste good too and convenient to carry around! Taste even better if chilled in the fridge first.

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