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Tips To Lose Your Postpartum Weight - How I lost 14 Kgs In 6 Months After Giving Birth

Tips To Lose Your Postpartum Weight - How I lost 14 Kgs In 6 Months After Giving Birth

Lose postpartum weight

9 months post-partum and I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy size. But you know what? I don’t really care about that last 2 kilos & last few inches. I’m happy enough I get to put on a bikini again & look like this.

My body went through 9 months of pregnancy & gave us our precious little Eva. My skin may be loose & wrinkly now, my tummy may never be as flat as before and has folds when I sit down, my love handles spill out of my jeans, but that’s all ok.

Here is my journey on how I lost my postpartum weight. I've included useful tips to help you lose your weight and get back in shape after your pregnancy. Mama, don't give up on yourself; you can do this!

mskinny slimming coffee cocoa bundle


I gained a total of 16kg, and the post-partum weight loss journey was a relatively easy one for me - all I did was to drink slimming coffee + dark cocoa daily! It took me a while to shed those kilos because I had to eat a lot (in order to breastfeed), but at the 6-month mark, I already lost 14kg.

I started on this 2wks after giving birth, and drank one sachet of Mskinny slimming coffee and one sachet of Mskinny dark cocoa every morning before breakfast. This habit was critical in kick-starting my weight loss. It was (and still is) something I do religiously every morning without fail.

The flavours do not matter; the efficacy of the products are the same. Regardless of which flavours you go for, just remember to drink one sachet of Mskinny slimming coffee and one sachet of Mskinny dark cocoa every morning on an empty stomach (for better absorption) or with your breakfast.

Note: it does not affect breastfeeding moms, but we recommend only one sachet each per day and nothing more. I am a nursing mom myself, and I can attest my baby is healthy and fine.

Here's a tip: drink right after your first morning feed/ first morning pump so that the caffeine has some time to digest in your body before your next feed/ pump. If you are a nursing mom looking to increase your milk supply, Mskinny Lactation Oats has really helped me.

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Also, I went for non-invasive postpartum slimming treatments in Singapore. It is said that hot and cold treatments work best together. So I went for 10 sessions of Cryo Treatment (cold) at @qweensg & 3 sessions of Sculpsure (hot) at @theurbanclinic. With the fats being broken down with the hot treatment, and the skin being lifted with the cold treatment, over a period of 3-4mths, I saw the results of a more contoured silhouette.

For Cryo treatments at Qween, what it does is to use an extremely low temperature (approx. -160degrees celsius) and the cold air lifts up the skin, allowing the skin to appear more contoured. I did the Cryo treatment on my tummy and thighs. Other problem areas you can do the Cryo treatment at include arms and love handles. This is completely painless, by the way! The cold may make you feel a bit uncomfortable but I assure you there is no pain.

For the Sculpsure treatments at The Urban Clinic, special plates are tied to your problem areas with the fats and excess skin being "squeezed out", and with controlled high heat, the fats that are being squeezed out are broken down with the numerous cycles of heat. This treatment comes with a bit of pain and/or discomfort (depending on your threshold), but just 3 sessions and you will see results in inch loss. 


Disclaimer: I am a very lazy person but if you have it in you, please have an exercise regime. It’ll definitely benefit your body & health a lot more!

I hope this sharing of tips to lose postpartum weight will help mommies know that there’s always hope. Of course it isn’t the most important thing to do after giving birth, but if losing weight and achieving a slimmer body makes you feel better & more confident, it’ll do your mental health good too. Remember: do whatever makes you happy, not what society deems is good/ bad.

I've previously shared a post on 12 simple rules to stay slim and lose weight effectively without exercising. You can read that post for more tips. :)





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