Mskinny Apple Fat Flusher + Seasonal Bundle
Mskinny Apple Fat Flusher + Seasonal Bundle
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Mskinny Apple Fat Flusher + Seasonal Bundle

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The ultimate combo for your weight loss journey, this bundle includes:

  • 2 boxes of Green Apple African Mango Fat Flusher Jelly (15 sachets)
  • 2 boxes of seasonal Slimming Coffee (15 sachets)
  • 2 boxes of seasonal Cocoa (15 sachets)

Let Mskinny be part of your everyday life. 

Start your day with one sachet of Slimming Coffee and one sachet of Dark Cocoa. You can mix both sachets together in one cup, add 250-350ml of hot water (or any amount, depending on your preference) to dissolve the powder, and enjoy the mocha before your breakfast.

Before lunch, consume one sachet of Green Apple African Mango Fat Flusher Jelly—a yummy beauty slimming jelly and an effective way to suppress hunger and flush out deposited fats. You can also take another sachet of Dark Cocoa to block out the absorption of carbs and sugar. Taking both Jelly and Dark Cocoa together before a meal is completely safe.

Before dinner, you can consume another sachet of our Mskinny slimming Jelly

Let all three products work their magic, and say hello to a new you soon!


Mskinny Slimming Coffee (76 calories)
Virgin Coconut Oil Creamer, Instant Coffee, Microground Coffee, Freeze Dry Coffee, Stabilizer (340ii), Emulsifier (E481i), Soy Bean Powder, Green Coffee Powder, Guarana, Inulin, L Carnitine, L Glutamine, Anti Caking Agent.

Mskinny Slimming Cocoa (32 calories)
Virgin Coconut Oil Creamer, Natural Cocoa Powder, Stabilizer (340ii), Emulsifier (E481i), Soy Bean powder, White Kidney Bean Powder, Chitosan, Inulin, Amino Acid Powder, Anti Caking Agent, Stevia.

Mskinny African Mango Fat Flusher Jelly (20 calories)
Water, Apple Juice, Lemon Juice, Xylitol, Patented Fibersol-2®️, Xanthan Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Marine Algae Powder, Irvinga African Mango Seed Extract, Citric Acid, Apple, Patented Garcinia cambogia L. Extract, White Kidney Bean Extract.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Cynthia L.
Nice coffee!

Really love the taste of the coffee with the cocoa. It's what I look forward to every morning while intermittent fasting. The fat flusher also makes me feel more guilt free when I have big meals.

Shi O.
Second time buying it and

Second time buying it and still as yummy as ever!

Lay T.
Fat Flasher and Bundle

Recently added orange chocolate to the collection and I loved it so much. So far I have take the coffee, cocoa and fat flusher for slightly more than a month. I lost more than 2kg, so far maintaining the weight. I have to admit I don’t take daily cos sometimes in a rush for work, I forgot to pack.

So far there is no weigh gain (happy but will be better if I can lose abit more) and the coffee & cocoa mix is very comforting to drink in the morning and the fat flusher super yummy. :kissing_heart:

Wanyun L.
Excellent products

The taste is fantastic and help to curb my hunger ! I would recommend to other people !

Kerryn C.
Apple fat flusher

This is really tasty! Can't wait to try the orange flavour soon.

Angela T.
2nd day

Drank the combo in the morning for 2 days only. I don't feel hungry skipping breakfast

Original coffee + Orange Chocolate

First time trying the orange choco and it’s so fragrant and no artificial taste at all. Gonna be one of my favs beside lavender and mint!

jacqueline c.
Mskinny Fat Flusher Jelly + Seasonal Coffee/Cocoa

Happy that I lost weight with the products! Can’t live without them now! Definitely will repeat purchase!

Denise W.

Repeated order. Keeps me full and maintains my weight even though I feasted.

Jasmine L.
Lavender bundle

First time trying the lavender bundle & its a very nice subtle fragrance

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