Our new Mskinny Rainbow Bundle comes with 11 of our bestselling flavours.
Our new Mskinny Rainbow Bundle comes with 11 of our bestselling flavours.
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How To Increase Breast Milk Supply - Healthy Lactation Oats Drink For Nursing Moms

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How to increase breast milk supply - Healthy Lactation Oats Drink For Nursing Moms

Mskinny Lactation Oats is a healthy lactation drink formulated and made in Singapore which is effective in increasing breast milk supply for nursing moms.

It encourages the production of richer, thicker, and creamier milk for breastfeeding moms. The colour of your hind milk will be a shade of creamy white. Hind milk satisfies your baby's hunger and makes your baby feel fuller for a longer period of time, hence sleeps better too.

Drinking Mskinny Lactation Oats is a good way to increase your breast milk supply naturally without any side effects.

I was never hardcore about breastfeeding (you all know that if you've followed my Q&As before I gave birth). But I said I would try for a month or so, and I did. Since getting pregnant, I've been toying with the idea of creating a lactation drink to increase the breast milk supply. My partner at Mskinny was also pregnant during the same period; she gave birth a few months before me. She got inspired to boost her milk supply too, but she didn't want to eat the usual lactation cookies or bakes (because they can be fattening), and hence started formulating a healthy lactation drink and lactation supplements for milk supply. We went through multiple rounds of tasting before we finalised a version of the lactation oats that all of us in Mskinny love!


I am so stoked to share the new Mskinny Lactation drink and we are finally ready to launch it. Everything is formulated and produced in Singapore for optimal quality and safety control, so nursing moms can be rest assured that consuming our Mskinny Lactation Oats is nothing but beneficial for your baby.

Let me briefly share my breastfeeding journey. My milk supply kicked in on Day 3, but there wasn't a lot of milk. So I started taking Mskinny Lactation Oats at the hospital, and the day after, my supply increased significantly.

Since coming back home, i was trying to get used to the routine of breastfeeding. Some days, my breast milk supply was so low that it was depressing. But every time I drink Mskinny Lactation Oats, I see an instant boost in my milk supply. And the best part? It is super easy to drink and pretty affordable as compared to many other lactation supplements in Singapore.

Many mommies have also encouraged me when it comes to breastfeeding and I am so thankful for all the support. I believe the usual rules apply when it comes to increasing breast milk supply—rest well, don't be stressed about your milk supply, be diligent in pumping breast milk/latching your baby for breast milk.

And with a boost of Mskinny Lactation Oats, I've been keeping up with a disciplined breastfeeding routine  and I hope to continue breastfeeding Eva for as long as possible.

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